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Becoming a member of GPCPD gives you full access to the latest GP Update Handbook, including extra online-only material – in total over 450 articles from our expert team of GPs, distilling the latest medical journals and NICE guidelines, completely free from pharmaceutical company involvement, and revised and updated three times per year. Every article includes FREE online learning opportunities, with step by step guidance on practical and reflective learning activities that you can record for your appraisal. And the easy-to-read structure makes it ideal as a reference tool during consultations - or for reviewing practice protocols, or preparing for discussion groups and tutorials.

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Our CPD Tracker system enables you to earn CPD credits from your reading and learning on GPCPD as you go along, with an easy ‘dashboard’ to track what you’ve done throughout the year. You can also log your external CPD activities – and conveniently store other documents for appraisal and revalidation too.

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The cost of a full year's basic membership, with access to the complete GP Update Handbook, learning activities, and CPD Tracker system, is just £95. And if you want to see all our extended specialist material as well, you can choose to add access to additional handbooks (e.g. Cancer or Women’s Health) for just £25 each - either at the time you subscribe, or by upgrading your membership at any time.
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