Why Choose GPCPD.com?

www.gpcpd.com sits at the heart of everything we do at Red Whale. It is the resource and knowledge built and updated by the Red Whale authoring team over the past 11 years and covers more than 95% of the essential knowledge, skills and competencies for primary care as defined by the RCGP.

  • It is much much more than an online handbook.
  • It enables clinicians to find fast and reliable answers to real problems during consultations and to address PUNS and DENS easily and efficiently.
  • It reduces cognitive load and decision fatigue.
  • It can be used as a source reference to standardise practice and protocols within surgeries and even wider geographical areas. We offer some sample protocols as suggestions- there may be no need to reinvent the wheel.
  • It is NOT a searchable PDF or simple online handbook. Rather we have chosen to offer a fully searchable web-based resource that is updated through the year as new guidelines and evidence come out. Individuals who subscribe get those updates for a full 12 months.

Many of the articles are associated with focussed learning activities which translate knowledge into real cases and action, ideas for appraisal, reflection and quality improvement. This offers huge potential for users to consolidate their learning, make change in real life and to earn significant numbers of CPD points but more importantly that these CPD points actually help to make clinical practice easier and patient care better. All of these activities, and any reading done on GPCPD can be logged and then uploaded to users’ appraisal systems or eportfolio.


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